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 Course Materials
Course Materials
Welcome, Introduction and Course Overview Peter Inskip Slides Handouts
Principles of Radiation Physics and Dosimetry Steve Simon Slides Handouts
Basic Radiation Chemistry and Radiation Chemistry of DNA Damage John Ward Slides Handouts
Radiobiology for the Radiation Epidemiologist David Brenner Slides Handouts
Cellular Defenses Against Radiation-induced Carcinogenesis: Cell Cycle Arrest, DNA Repair and Apoptosis Timothy Jorgensen Slides Handouts
Studies of Atomic Bomb Survivors
  A. Overview, cohort design, cancer risk modeling Dale Preston Slides Handouts
  B. Cancer Incidence Elaine Ron Slides Handouts
  C. Non-cancer outcomes (somatic and genetic) Kiyohiko Mabuchi Slides Handouts
Studies of Medically Irradiated Populations      
  A. External radiation John Boice, Jr. Slides Handouts
  B. Internally administered radionuclides Steve Simon,
Elaine Ron
Environmental and Occupational Studies
  A. Radiation workers Ethel Gilbert Slides Handouts
  B. Radon Jay Lubin Slides Handouts
  C. Nuclear accidents Andre Bouville,
Maureen Hatch
Risk Estimation and Description      
    Descriptive models and radiation risk assessment Ethel Gilbert Slides Handouts
    Issues and approaches in the study of low-dose effects and Probability of Causation Charles Land Slides Handouts
Radiation Protection Standards Julian Preston Slides Handouts
Non-ionizing Radiation I
    Ultraviolet and solar radiation Margaret Tucker Slides Handouts
Risk Characterization and Communication Jonathan Samet Slides Handouts
Non-ionizing Radiation II      
    EMF (ELF and RF) Martha Linet Slides Handouts
Other Materials
Suggested Reading: Schottenfeld, D., & Fraumeni, J.F., Jr. (2006). Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention. Third Edition. Oxford University Press, Inc. (ISBN-13: 978-0-19-514961-6; ISBN-10: 0-19-514961-0)
2004 Radiation Epidemiology Course Materials
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